Ethiopia Limu Genet Burka Gudina

• Dry wine mouthfeel

• Clean stable cup with a little spicy undertone

• Rhubarb and Cactus Fruit. Works well on espresso as well.

In the past Yirgacheffe was the leading region for prime cup coffee in Ethiopia. This year the region does not offer a big variety of Specialty Coffee, but other regions luckily took over. Sidamo was very steady, mostly with low acidity coffees singing on espresso.

Limu is an also interesting area where we buy 1 or 2 lots by the end of the season. This year the Burka Gudina is the chosen one. This coffee is named after this well organised company owned by Ibrahim Hussein.

This washed Limu comes from the Jimma zone in the western highlands of Oromia, Ethiopia. On the fertile soils of this farm, coffee plants are completely shade grown and free from any type of chemicals.

Most washed Limu coffee beans have an oval shape and a blue, greenish color. Limu coffees are known for their fruity aromas, balanced body and acidity.