Ethiopia Sidamo Bensa Konikona Gr2

• Very clean cup with medium acidity

• Fruity : blueberry, lemon

• Floral touch

Cupping this coffee we could not believe our taste buds. This is one clean cup we got here and ranked as high as the best Kenya coffees!

Looking at the details we see the picking was at very high levels, up to 2300 meters above sea level!! With rare soil type : Cambisois & Cacisois.

At Konikona Mill all the water used for washed coffees comes from the clean Konikona river, from which the mill derives its name. Once the cherries have arrived at the mill the cherries are sorted and pulped in a Repaster which is equipped with a mucilage remover. After pulping the beans are fermented in water tanks for 2-3 days before being dried in parchment on drying beds for seven days, during which they are turned regularly to ensure even drying.

Farmers in this region grow not only coffee but also local shade trees such as Warka and crops of wheat, maize and teff.

Bensa is bordered on the south and north by the Oromia Region, with Bona Zuria on the west, Arbegona on the northwest Chere on the east, and Aroresa on the southeast. The major town in Bensa is Daye Town.