Kenya Nyeri Ruiruiru AA

• Very clean cup

• Subtle tomato sours

• Grape Jam and Dried Apricot

Ruiruiru. It sounds more like something scoobey-doo would say, than a small community coffee mill in the high altitude coffee district of Nyeri, Kenya. But this has been one of the most citrusy, bright Kenyas we ever tasted.

It’s, like always, a fully washed coffee from classic varientals SL-28 and SL-34, with a bit of Riuri 11.

This coffee was brought to us by Trabocca Green Coffees Supplier Amsterdam.

Their specialty is Ethiopians coffees, but from time to time they bring great Kenyans into play. Like this one; a very light but dead clean cup that we cupped at 90 points. Only the magnificent Kiriaini rated higher this year.