Kenya Nyeri Gatina PB

  • Baking Spices, Red Vermouth, Cranberry, a lot of Fruity tones and nice body.

We are always on the look out for a nice Peaberry from Kenya. In general this type of bean has a little less acidity and a bit more body. And so does the Gatina.

The Gatina Factory is located in the Central Province of the Nyeri District near the town of Karatina. The factory has over 500 member farmers and assists the farmers welfare by providing emergency loans, advances for school fees, and other farm inputs.

The micro-climate in this region is famous for producing some of the best Kenyan coffees. The rich red volcanic loam soils maintain a good balance of moisture content and organic matter that is ideal for coffee production. Many of the farmers grow other crops, including tea, maize, beans, bananas and vegetables. Many of the coffee trees benefit from the shade canopy produced by the macadamia trees.