Ethiopia Sidamo Suke Quto Pulped Natural

  • Great Mouthfeel, low acidity

    Clean, but spicy

    Floral notes

    Red fruits

This coffee was with 2 different lots on our menu last year, but we are happy to present to you the Suke Quto Pulped Natural.

It’s the first time ever we see a commercialized Ethiopian coffee processed this way. It is cleaner than a natural and sweeter than a washed.

The Suke Quto is an organic coffee from the Oromia Region, and neighbour of our Sidamo Guji.

The farm was established in 2005 with the idea to implement environment-friendly coffee farming.

This is their info on this special lot :

The Honey was processed from very red/ripe cherries, pulped by the typical old disc pulpers and parchment was carefully dried on plastic shadenet, not jute. PN and Naturals are usually safer to produce in Shakisso half way the crop, as in the beginning rains can occur still and the humidity is not helping the quality. This crop was the best results by far on PN, since we start measuring temps/humidity and advising to act with that knowledge we see results. How simple can life be! This year body and sweetness were much better, while keeping the typical Sidama florals. With PN you see sometimes the florals disappear and the sweetness take over the cup, that can be boring.