Burundi Gitega Mahonda Lot4

• Smooth and clean profile

• Almond

• Touch of Vanilla

• Buttery mouthfeel

This excellent coffee comes from the Gitega Province, produced by Sogestal Kirimiro.

Mahonda is the name of the washing station. From this station we saw a lot of Specialty Coffee’s, picked up by a lot of different renowned roasteries from all over the world.

The station is situated high in the mountains and has access to very clean water due to altitude, which aids in their traditional Burundi style double fermented coffee processing

We adore Burundi coffees as they taste very well on both filter and espresso.

This Mahonda lot 4 was our favourite on the Burundi new crop cupping table because of its incredible creamy mouthfeel. It’s rare a coffee becomes so ‘buttery’ when cooled down.

The variety is mainly Bourbon and the screen size 15+