Colombia Cauca Finca Los Naranjos

• Sugary
• Honey / Floral
• A touch of Cranberry
• Clean cup
The first Colombian of the 15/16 crop, this one.

Picked at an elevation of 1550 masl. This coffee is fully washed and dried in parabolic driers.

The variety is castillo and all this beautiful work is done by Francia Mutis and her husband, Yilson Suarez, decided to produce coffee in 2012 on their family farm, Los Narajnos. In addition to Francia and her husband, her son Cristian works on the farm as well. Francia insists on a selective hand-picking of ripe cherry every 15 days.

The region this coffee comes from is Cauca.

According to the limits set in the request for recognition of Café de Cauca Protected Denomination of Origin, coffee under this geographical indication is produced in 29 municipalities with an average altitude of 1758 masl., but which can stretch as high as 2100 masl. The region’s climate, rainy seasons and volcanic soils are homogeneous.