Indonesia Sulawesi Tana Toraja FW

• Tamarinde (Worcestersauce)
• Sesame Seed
• Prune
• Hazelnut
This coffee is a bomb. Strong and Fruity at the same time. It’s a Fully Washed Indonesian S795 (Typica Hybrid). It’s still a bit tangy, but in a good way. It blew our taste buds out the first time it hit the cupping table at Caffenation. And it still does.
Indonesian coffee has traditionally been processed with the Giling-Basahmethod, or wet-hulled like Sumatra. In ’76 TOARCO, a Japanese-Indonesian JV, introduced here the traditional washed-process, similar to Central Americans.
TOARCO owns Pedamaran Plantation at 900-1250 masl and purchases wet-parchment (at 40% moisture) from small producers higher up. Coffee is trucked to Pedamaran Plantation immediately and coffee gets dried on patios at their mill facilities. If a producer wants to sell their parchment coffee to TOARCO they need to get certified to their standards as far as selective-picking, storage, transportation, moisture levels, etc. Farmers are issued ID cards that allow them to sell their coffee at various purchasing points in the Tana Toraja region during the market of the week. This coffee comes from small producers at the higher altitude areas, around 1500 masl.