Brazil Minas Gerais Fazenda Irmas Pereira Pulped Natural

Actually this coffee is an ‘espresso only’ one, but still the info on the beans and farm  :

With the dream of a better life, Antonio Andrade Pereira Filho and Maria da Conceição Costa Pereira decided to invest in his farm of 90 acres in the city of Carmo de Minas, Minas Gerais. In 1971 they planted the first coffee seedlings in a city where coffee production was on the rise.

With an amazing aroma and distinctive taste, its flavor varies from citrus fruits to bittersweet chocolate. Because of this, the Irmas Pereira Farm is today internationally recognized for the high quality of their products, which have already won many awards for specialty coffee.

This micro lot was Pulped Natural processed; the beans are sorted according to density. Meanwhile the ripe beans are simultaneously pulped after the green cherries have been mechanically separated. Drying requires a great deal of care and specialized handling. The result is a pulped natural coffee with a more aromatic cup quality, which is rich in flavor, homogenous and clean. The complex flavors of the beans are preserved by harvesting them at exactly the right stage of ripeness.