Burundi Kayanza Gakenke Lot8

• Clean profile

• Chocolate

• Touch of tropical fruit

• Very nice mouthfeel – creamy

The region of Kayanza from which this coffee comes from, is in the north of the country, near the border with Rwanda. Kayanza is mostly known for being the water source of the Nile river. A unique water that is used to process coffee cherries at all the neighbouring wet mills. That is probably one of the many reasons that sets this coffee apart from the competition every year at the prestigious “Cup Of Excellence”.

Besides everything, 2015 is definitely the perfect year to taste Burundian coffee. An explosive acidity, a devastating body, and a killer aftertaste from an attempted “coup” of coffee, that is what Burundi has to offer this year.

The washing station of Gakenke was built in 1991. It collects the cherries from micro plantations located on the surrounding volcanic soils each of which manages no more than 350 coffee plants placed under natural shade.

In the cup, this specialty coffee reveals strong flavor of chocolate & notes of tropical fruits. Its subtle profile has given two Cup Of Excellence prizes to the station in 2015