Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Chelbessa Gr1

  • mild coffee, tea-like, good balanced, bergamot, floral

This coffee comes from our all time fav region Yirgacheffe.

It’s been a tough year to get our hands on a clean cup Yirg this year, but finally we managed to find this fantastic Grade 1 – extra special sorting – lot from the Chelbessa Washing station.

The washing station itself sits more than 6,000 feet above sea level in a bowl-shaped valley in the Gedeo zone, far away from the civilised world.

Chelbessa’s washing station is developing relationships with farms from higher elevations and utilizing lot separation to increase quality. The heirloom coffee cherry varieties native to this area display a unique and exquisite flavor profile. The majority of farmers and their families cultivate as little as half a hectare of land with an average of 90 coffee trees. Farmers consider coffee a main crop which pays for taxes, school fees, clothes and food items. Crops are managed and harvested by the family members. During the harvest, they transport pristine coffee cherry down the mountain to the washing station either by mule or on foot. At the washing station, they ferment the coffee under water for 48 hours, wash and grade it in channels, soak it quickly, skin dry it, then fully dry it on raised beds.