Colombia Tolima Las Brisas

• Cane sugar sweetness

• Well balanced with medium body

• Delicate

• Notes of Raisins and Caramel

The first Colombian Direct Trade in a while, this Las Brisas.

Coffee Origin Details :

BRAND NAME: Las Brisas

PRODUCERS 9 small coffee growers from the Municipality of Rioblanco

ORIGIN:, Municipality of Rioblanco, Department of Tolima (Colombia)

ALTITUDE: 1,500 – 1,900 metres above sea level (masl)

VARIETY: Caturra (60%), Colombia/Castillo (20%) and Typica (20%)

PROCESSING METHOD: Traditional fully-washed process in micro-mills at each farm

DRYING METHOD: Fully sun-dried at each farm in green-house and roof type drying patios

SHADE: Plantain, Chachafruto, Guamo and Nogal trees (~40% shade cover)

FERTILIZATION: Chemical Fertilization,~ 200 gr/tree/year

GREEN PREPARATION: Excelso EP (Screen 15+) Specialty Grade