Rwanda Huye Mountain Karambi Bourbon

• Medium Body

• Silky mouthfeel

• Notes of Brown Sugar and Clove

• Perfectly Balanced

In the South of Rwanda we often find the country’s best coffees.

This area, around Huye, brings some of the highest-quality, most consistent beans. The high altitude and mineral-rich soil brings out their best characteristics; the bean must be a little bit stronger to survive.

This lot has been the work of Koakaka.

Koakaka’s story began in early 2002, when three coffee growers’ associations in Rwanda’s southern province decided to join together to form one strong association. Two years later the association became a cooperative, meaning that it is owned by its members, and took the name Koakaka, or Karaba Coffee Growers Cooperative.

Koakaka has since grown from 867 members to 1,316 in 2012 (297 of whom are women).

The variey is 100% Red Bourbon