Rwanda Nyabihu Vunga

• A very juicy coffee

• Light lemon and Orange peel notes

• Apricot Jam

• Small green Grapes

Vunga cooperative is a washing station (coffee mill) in Jomba, Nyabihu, Western Rwanda and named after the nearby village. The Vunga station is at 1463 meters, with coffee coming from the surrounding hills ranging from 1700 to 2100 meters. The area borders the Virunga national forest, which has a healthy mountain gorilla population, and is just a couple hours from the borders of Uganda and DRC (Congo).

This area features rugged terrain with steep hills and deep misty valleys, which provide a natural water resource.

This cup is exceptionally juicy and showed at the first cupping more potential for filter roast then espresso, although it is clean and balanced enough to go both ways. It’s up to the roasters to roast it towards the Barista’s demand.