Kenya Nyeri Igutha AA

• Lemonade

• Very full and fruity

• A touch of cloves

• Citrus Notes

Last Kenyan coffee of the 2015 crop.

A unique Igutha AA. Normally the varientals SL28 and SL34 score highest in cupping, but today in this lot it’s a SL28 with K7 (!) and a bit of Ruiri 11 mix. But who cares when the cup quality is at this level?

This beautifully juicy coffee comes from the Igutha Wet Mill, one of eight, at the Rugi Cooperative Society, located on the slopes of Mt. Kenya. The Rugi Coop is a large, well-structured, quality-focused coffee cooperative. Ripe red cherry is delivered to Igutha the day it’s harvested, and sorting, wet processing, and sun drying is meticulously performed on-site.