Malawi Mzuzu Misuku

• Medium Body

• Malty finish

• Floral

• Orange and Caramel notes

A couple of years ago since we had a Malawi coffee.

This bean growns in the hills of the Misuku region in Malawi and were produced by the Smallholder Coffee Farmers Trust (SCFT) in the Northern highlands of Malawi using sustainable methods

These beans are a lot darker than usual. They have gone through some fermentation in tanks after careful washing on the same day as harvesting. After 16 to 36 hours in the tanks, the beans are dried on raised tables enabling them to turn a shade of greyish blue. They are then transported to the central hulling plant in Mzuzu, Malawi’s Northern Capital, to be sampled for moisture content, green grading, roast assessment, and liquoring prior to hulling. Coffee is transported through Mozambique for shipment from Port of Beira on the Indian Ocean.

Varieties used are : Catimor 129, Nyika and Geisha!