Papua New Guinea Wahgi Valley Kunjin

  • Green/orange styled fruit like apricot or prune, sweet, clean, surprizing

After the spectacular Tana Toraja we have a new pearl from the same region.

About 2,000 miles or so east of Sulawesi, the country of Papua New Guinea (PNG) occupies the eastern half of the vast, mountainous island of New Guinea. The extraordinarily verdant, yet dauntingly rugged mountains of central Papua New Guinea offer one of the world’s most favorable terroirs for the production of fine Arabica coffees, as well as some of the coffee world’s most intractable challenges in respect to transportation and infrastructure.

Kunjin is a centralized plantation mill that purchases cherry from smallholder farmers in the highlands. With central milling and drying, our partners on the ground control quality at the processing level — day lots are cupped and separated to build our containers and lots which are microlot worthy are processed separately.

The varieties of this washed coffee are Blue Mountain, San Ramon and Arusha