Ethiopia Sidamo Nefas Grade 1

• Typical Ethiopian tea-like flavors

• Floral

• Medium Body

• Clean and sweet cup

Very last Ethiopian coffee of the season. Relatively late, but this one is still clean enough. And with the new crop in delay we think it’s still worth it.

Maybe it dropped a couple of points on the cupping table since it arrived in Europe half a year ago, but probably way more spectacular than lots of so called fresh beans from other origins that landed recently.

The Nefas farm is located in the Sidama region, about 514 km from Ethiopia’s capital city Addis Ababa. The farm started to produce coffee in early 2000 and consists of 200 hectares planted with coffee trees. The soil is predominantly loamy and the farm area is covered by a dense forest. All coffee is 100% shade grown.  At the washing station, the washed coffees are pulped with an Agared machine. This is a pulper that has no mucilage remover.

The beans are picked at a height of 1600 to 1700 meters above sea level, the average rainfall here is 1200 to 1600 inches per year and the soil type is loamy.

The varieties are Mixed Heirloom Varieties.