Nicaragua Dipitlo Finca La Argentina Natural

• Typical Natural processed flavors

• Nice body

• Sweet and ripe tropical fruits

This Natural processed micro lot was a left over from the Italian Aeropress Championship this year and truly unique.

Finca La Argentina is a jewel in the Dipilto crown. It has been owned by Roger Peralta and his family since 1920 and is an incredibly beautiful farm. A steep 30-minute drive from the local mill town of Ocotal, Nueva Segovia’s capital, is all it takes to reach Finca La Argentina. The 80 hectare farm is set within, and is indeed part of, a beautiful mountain forest where many varieties of indigenous trees flourish alongside all kinds of flora and fauna.


The variety is Caturra, a cultivar from Brazil and a mutation of Bourbon which is much higher yielding. The tree will not reach the same height as Bourbon and typical characteristics associated with the variety are brightness and medium body.