Kenya Kirinyaga RUNGETO PB

• Tangerine

• Apricot

• Floral touch

• Sweet and Round

Rungeto Farmers Cooperative Society lies on the border of Embu and Kirinyaga counties, on the southern slopes of Mount Kenya. Rungeto Society has over 3000 registered farmer members. All their land together covers 530 hectares of land in coffee cultivation. The farmers can deliver their cherries to any of Rungeto’s three washing stations: Kii, Karimikui and Kiangoi. Last year, we offered coffees from two of those washing stations individually. This year, Rungeto offered a peaberry lot from all three washing stations. The joint effort of the washing station managed to impress us on the cupping table by it’s Ethiopianesque character!

And it was so fatty and low in acidity it looks like rocking on espresso as well!

This coffee is part of our Direct Trade Program.

The variety is a mix of SL 28 & 34.