Kenya Nyeri KAGUNYU AA



Tangerine, lemon and wine like acidity

Incredible mouthfeel once cooled down

This AA lot is what we expect from this screen size; more acidity and brightness compared to an AB or PB. The beans are a tad larger and lighter.

Typical for Kirinyaga and Nyeri is the red volcanic soils, that are rich in phosphorus and well drained.

Most of the coffees from Nyeri develop and mature slowly producing extra hard beans. This quality is also evident in the cup. This is why Nyeri is traditionally known as the heart of Kenya’s black gold coffee.

The main harvesting season is one which runs from October to December.

Most important variety used is SL 28 and/or 34. The last couple of years they start bit by bit planting in Ruiri 11 and Batian, for more resistance and mostly for higher production as the plants have more branches opposed to the SL variety.