Ethiopia Yirgacheffe CHELELECTU Grade 1

• Green grapes and a touch of lime

• Clean cup with nice body

• Floral notes

• Lightly spiced after taste (Cumin and Pepper)

Ethio PIA stands for a seasonal single origin Ethiopian coffee that is roasted relatively light, good for both espresso and filter.

Our first Ethio PIA coffee release comes from a small private wetmill in the community of Chelelectu in Yirgacheffe at an altitude of 1950 masl. We don’t know a place in Ethiopia where the processing is done is such a acurate manner. And that’s one of the reasons the Chelelectu is a yearly winner, scoring very high on the cupping table.
This is an Ethiopian Heirloom coffee, which means rather than being one varietal of coffee it’s actually a mix of the natively growing varietals of the area. It’s this mix that gives it the complexity that’s a signature of Ethiopian coffee.
The grade 1 is the highest sort of screening and bagging which helps to avoid unnecessary defective beans landing up in your bag.