Ethiopia Sidamo Guji SASABA gr2 (Washed)

• All sweet and clean cup

• Bright cup with medium body

• Purple fruit and chocolate notes

After having this fantastic Sasaba Natural last season, it’s the first time we have a washed coffee from this washing station.

At Sasaba washing station, the red cherries are produced in the area surrounding the washing station and are collected from late September until December. Cherries are processed on-site and fermented for about 48-72 hours before they are placed on the drying beds for around 7-8 days. About 350-400 drying-beds are present at the washing station.
The natural coffees are usually dried for 15-20 days.

This coffee is part of the Summer Mr LGB Espresso blend, but also available as a single origin coffee, on both filter and espresso roast.