Ethiopia Yirgacheffe IDIDO Natural

• Big Body

• Berries!!

• Very Fruity and Sweet

Finally we could lay our hands on the most legendary Natural/Dry Processed coffee ever: It was around 2007 that legend Abdullah Bagarsh started to export the Idido Misty Valley coffee to the United States of America.

And that one day in 2007 i cupped the Stumptown roast of this coffee, it must have been the first time i experienced a truly great processed Ethiopian Natural. And i fell in love with it immediately.

Since then hundreds of thousands of people experience the same with comparable natural processed coffee from the cradle of coffee Ethiopia.

From time to time we even had too many of them, but finally we have the one and only, and boy it is good!!!

Idido is situated just a few miles east of Yirgacheffe, and the coffee grown here is done so in the shade at elevations between 1,900 and 2,100 meters.

This coffee is part of our Direct Trade program.