Kenya Nyeri KIRIAINI AA (2016)

  • Super clean
  • Very fruity with notes of berries and prunes
  • Balanced cup with subtle acidity, floral touch

Newest Kenya was the # 1 coffee of 2015 from the Kiriaini farm in the Thika Muranga region where we have this typical red volcanic earth at appr 1650 masl. The beans are a mix of SL28&SL34.

Beth Njoroge and her family are proud owners and managers of the Kiriaini farm. The estate is located on the foothills of the Aberdare mountain.

About 36% of all coffee produced in the Murang’a County is grown on small estates like Kiriaini. Next to coffee, they grow bananas and tea to have some sort of backup. Since 1978 they have the facilities on site to process their own cherries, when the family built their own wet mill. When the parchment has dried sufficiently, it is brought to the Kofinaf dry mills for further processing and grading.

This coffee is part of our Direct Trade Program.