Burundi Kayanza MBIRIZI

  • Jammy Red Fruit, Clean and Bright Cup, Grapefruit acidity

Altitude: 1800-1900 masl – Varietals: Local heirloom – mainly varieties of Bourbon.

This coffee is processed at Mbirizi washingstation – Salume Ramadahn’s new washing station, which is operating for the first time in 2015. Even if it’s all processed at the same place, the producer is collecting and separating the cherries based on local hillsides and muniscipalities. All these cherries are collected and bought from smallholders in the micro region in the close surroundings of the washing station Buziraguhindwa. We truly believe, as well do the producer, Salume Ramadhan, that every region have it’s own unique flavor attributes due to the differences in soil, altitude, sun exposure and climate.