Brazil Carmo de Minas Sitio COLINAS Pulped Natural Yellow Bourbon

  • Sweet, Clean
  • Typical Yellow Bourbon smoothness

2012 COE winner Sitio Colinas is producing this very interesting Yellow Bourbon.

Third generation owner Luiz Flavio, in tribute his rich family history on the estate and to it’s stunning natural beauty named the farm Sitio Colinas meaning ‘blessed by God and by Nature’.   This particular lot is carefully processed without fermentation, a process coined as ‘Pulped-Natural’ processing. Here, the skin is removed from the cherry, leaving the fruity mucilage intact throughout the drying process. Machinery is eventually used to wash away the mucilage creating a sweet yet consistently clean and vibrant cup that’s difficult to achieve through traditional natural processing.

We’re thrilled to be able bring Luiz’s coffee to our clients and play small role in sharing his amazing lots with the world!