Brazil Minas Gerais Sitio SAO JOSé Natural Acaia

  • Typical ‘natural touch’
  • Mellow Mouthfeel
  • Chocolate

The new 2016 crop from Brazil is very promising. First coffee on the list is one from Sitio Sao Jose in the Serra da Mantiqueira region, sourthern Minas Gerais.

Mantiqueira de Minas is a hilly region, reknowned for its many distinct microclimates, generating an interesting range of flavour nuances all across the mountain range. The area around the city of Jesuânia gets a favourable amount of rainfall between 1600 and 1800mm on average. With a stable, mild temperature of 18°C the cherries mature rather slowly, getting boosted with fruit sugars while they develop.

Producer: Amauri Dias de Castro

Processing : Natural

Variety : Acaia, a very rare variety and a hybrid from the Mundo Novo plant, Acacia is mainly found in Brazil and is best grown at 800 meters or above. Fruit is large in size and is predominately red in colour. It’s the first time at Caffenation we have this variety in the coffee roaster.