Indonesia Sulawesi TANA TORAJA A & AA (2016/17)

• Tamarinde (Worcesterhiresauce)
• Floral/Apple
• Medium acidity
• Brown Sugar
For the third time and our favourite Indonesian coffee all time, this fully washed Indonesian S795 (Typica Hybrid). It’s still a bit tangy, but in a good way. It blew our taste buds when we cupped the Toraja in 2014. And it still does.
For the new season, we even go wider with importing both A and AA screenings.
The A is lower in acidity and sweeter, the AA is brighter and more suitable for Filter Roasts.

Indonesian coffee has traditionally been processed with the Giling-Basahmethod, or wet-hulled like Sumatra. In ’76 TOARCO, a Japanese-Indonesian JV, introduced here the traditional washed-process, similar to Central Americans.
TOARCO owns Pedamaran Plantation at 900-1250 masl and purchases wet-parchment (at 40% moisture) from small producers who grow the beans higher up at altitudes, around 1500 masl.