Burundi Kayanza MPANGA

  • Super Clean and Sweet cup
  • Soft mouth feel
  • Orange and Milk chocolate notes

This year coffee crop from Burundi is surprising us more every week. Already the 3rd Kayanza lot we buy and we are not even December!

Super clean clups with great mouthfeel and long lasting afterwards, working great for filter or espresso brewing.

Mpanga is the name of the farm and the central washing station that processes this coffee. They are both owned by Jean Clement of SEGEC exporters who also handles the export. The washing station is situated in the Kayanza village so is well placed to receive cherry from all the small producers in the surrounding area.

The Variety is a mix of Bourbon and Typica tasting intense and fruity with hints of orange and milk chocolate flavors.

The coffee is picked around 1815 masl and the processing washed.