Rwanda Gakenke MUYONGWE (2016 lot)

  • Medium rounded body
  • A touch of lime
  • Elements of tea

Muyongwe washing station is located in the Gakenke District of the Northern province in Rwanda. It was built in 2006 as part of the Tuzamure Kawa cooperative system. Ever since then, the washing station has been making a name for itself in Rwandese specialty coffee. In 2007 its coffee ended up on the first place in the Rwandese Gold Cup auction, a year later it ranked fifth in the Cup of Excellence competition. Other Cup of Excellence appearances were in 2010 at place fifteen, in 2013 it moved up to place seven and in 2014 it even managed to obtain a second place as a presidential coffee with a score of 90.69!

2 years ago we bought the same lot and that was a big crowd pleaser. More and more Rwanda is taking a front line seat at the Specialty Scene. For us it is, as for Burundi, the perfect winter offer for both filter or espresso roasts.

The variety is a typical (sweet) bourbon. And the soil around in this Gakenke region is Silt/clay/sandy – pH 4.7