Rwanda Huye BUREMERA

  • Red Fruits
  • Creamy
  • Perfect Sweet & Sour balance

Buremera central washing station is managed by Coffee Business Center in Kigali. C.B.C. is a Rwandese coffee exporting company with warehousing facilities and a dry mill. They own 8 washing stations in all four provinces of Rwanda. They recently also started a roasting company to supply coffee from their washing stations to the domestic market.

In the high season, CBC employs around 800 pickers in the warehouse, and that is only for a small dry mill. One picker, a women in the large majority of cases, processes one bag a day. Experienced pickers, who’ve worked at the mill for a couple of years in a row, can clean up to two bags. These experienced pickers receive the task of cleaning the specialty grade microlot coffees to make sure there’s no defects to be found in the final lot.

This Rwanda lot is typical Mr LGB stuff. It’s easy to roast, it’s clean, sweet and has just enough acidity to pair with milk. Of course a coffee like this works very well for all types of Slow Coffee Brewing as well.

The variety is Bourbon and the coffee is picked around 1900 masl.