El Salvador Chalatenango FINCA EL CEDRO

  • Low acidity
  • Chocolate notes
  • Smooth cup

Region: Izotal, San Fernando, Chalatenango

Height: 1245 masl

Variety: Pacamara

Importer: Cafe Imports Europe


Rob Says: a word on the variety here. Pacamara is a marriage of the Pacas and the Maragogype. The Pacas is a bourbon variety type and a relatively big bean with sweet flavors. The Maragogype on the other side is a very big bean, derived from the Typica, and mainly velvety soft and very low in acidity.

So all together not a lot of acidity or brightness. But no problem; we bought this one for the smooth side of it and this typical chocolate touch. This is a very small lot from producer Angelino Landaverde, who owns a 4-hectare farm that’s planted with about 3,000 trees per manzana with primarily three different varieties: Geisha, Pacamara, and Pacas.