Ethiopia Sidamo SUKE QUTO Triple Processing

  • Clean cup
  • Sweet and Floral
  • Fruity tones. Different according to the processing

Variety: Kurume & Welicho

Certification: Organic

Shade trees: Millettia Ferruginea, Cordia Africana, Albizia Gummifera, Anigeria, Croton Macrostachyus, Eucberigia

Processing: 3 different ones: washed, pulped natural and natural

History: 4th consecutive year available at Caffenation

Importer: Trabocca

Rob Says: 4th consecutive year we offer the Suke Quto, but the first year we offer them in 3 different processings: Washed, Pulped Natural and Natural. We’ll try to roast them in small batches, all on the same day, so you can buy them together and compare the different processing side by side.

For the Washed: The mucilage is removed by fermentation, which lasts 36-72 hours depending on the weather conditions. The coffee is then dried on raised African beds (over 200 beds are present at the washing station) for 9-13 days. This version is the cleanest and the best to combine with milk.

For the Pulped Natural: The lot was processed from very red/ripe cherries, pulped by the typical old disc pulpers and parchment was carefully dried on plastic shadenet, not jute. The body and sweetness are much better, while keeping the typical Sidama florals.

For the Natural coffee: The beans are dried on drying beds for 21-27 days, which gives them this rich ripe fruit touch.