Kenya Kirinyaga KEGWA PB

  • Sweet and Chewy Mouthfeel
  • Floral
  • Notes of Bergamot and Blackcurrent

Variety: 99% SL28, 1% Ruiri 11

Cooperative: Ngiriambu Cooperative Society Ltd

Altitude: 1504 masl

Soil: Red Volcanic

Importers: 32 Cup Coffee Merchants

Rob Says: Very exclusive small Peaberry lot from the same farmers who delivered the Kiri. The coop is located within Njukiini locations of Gichugu Division, Kirinyaga East District on the southern slopes of Mount Kenya. “Njukiini” is synonymous with bee hives, a common thing in the area.

We are big fans of Peaberry coffees because of the better body and sweet flavors. This makes it more suitable for espresso brewing than most AB or AA coffees.