Peru Cajamarca HUABAL

  • Fruity flavors with apple, caramel and cola
  • Touch of dark chocolate
  • Smooth mouthfeel

Variety: Bourbon, Caturra, Typica

Altitude: 1700 to 1900 masl

Processing: Washed

Importer: Cafe Imports

Rob Says: This is, in volume, our most important Peruvian coffee of the year. Our head roaster Jeff went to Peru to pick us some top class coffees. From dozens of great lots he picked one regional (that’s this one) and two microlots.

Producer lots are cupped and classified according to their quality. The 85–87-point coffees are placed into our regional select lots and the 87+ coffees are then further separated as producer microlots, highlighting Peru’s full potential. We are looking forward to seeing Peru become a powerhouse in coffee in the following years.