Guatemala Huehuetenango THE PRIMAVERA FAMILY

  • Mild coffee with medium body
  • Fudge and Cane Sugar notes
  • Clean cup

Location: San Antonio Huista

Varieties: Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon

Elevation: around 1600 masl

Annual rainfall: 2000 ml

Shade trees: Gravilea, Chalun and fruit trees

Importer: Primavera Coffee Importers

Rob Says: Over the last few years we have, for our Guatemalan coffees, a good collaboration with Primavera Coffee Importers. Nadine and her team are the most specialized coffee in and export company in this area and deliver multiple nice lots each year.

For this project they grouped 10 small producers in our favourite area Huehuetenango and give it the name ‘The Primavera Family’. This way they are giving the farmers the opportunity to use the extra income they receive from selling at a higher price to reinvest in their farm and wet mills.

The lot is cupping around 85 points, which makes it not a championship winner, but a truly nice cup. At Caffenation we bought it as solid base for our Mr LGB Summer Blend and periodic filter or espresso of the week.