90+ Series: Ethiopia Guji KERCHA KELLOO Honey

For our 90+ Series we are on the lookout for exceptional beans. In our philosophy is great coffee by nature fruity, floral, juicy, and has a super clean and long aftertaste.

  • Super sweet and clean cup
  • Peaches and apricot
  • Creamy mouthfeel

Processing: Honey

Washing Station: Kilenso Mokonisa

Owner: Israel Degfa

Site manager: Melkesa (the site is organic certified)

Importer: Nordic Approach

Rob Says: Since a couple of years we see an increased quality in the alternative processing methods in Ethiopia. The Natural (or Dry Processed) coffees became cleaner and also Pulped Natural and Honey processing is popping up left and right. And it’s this later one that become bit by bit our favorite. If you are a sweet tooth coffee fan (without sweetener/sugar), this KERCHA KELLOO is one for you.

About the owner of the mill: even if Israel Degfa a producer of big volumes he started in 2014 to work on the quality of processing across his washing stations as priority. It was this shift in focus that caused Israel to look for different ways to produce and market his coffees, ways that would facilitate and value his new emphasis on quality.