BAC 2019 Coffee: Ethiopia Jimma TEMAM ABA MECHA Natural

Tasting notes: we don’t want to influence the competitors or judges and prefer not to share any cupping notes regarding this coffee before the competition has ended.

Region: Agaro, Western Ethiopia

Town: Bashasha

Processing: Natural (dry processed)

Leuven Regionals coffee roasted by: Mok (on a Giesen W15A)

Gent Regionals coffee roasted by: Way (on a Diedrich IR12)

Antwerp Finals coffee roasted by: Caffenation (on a Giesen W30A)

Importer: 32 Cup Coffee Merchants

Jens, Charlene and Rob say: There’s Specialty coffee and there’s Aeropress competition coffee.

We think all Aeropress coffees in the past were all Specialty and so is this year’s lot. But not all Specialty coffee is ideally used in Aeropress competitions. For the latter we always look for a coffee with a lot of different flavour notes and flexibility. This way the competitors can play with all the variables so that they can become one with the bean. Very often it’s a personal thing, but just as often competitors try to steer the coffee towards a certain taste he or she thinks the judges will like. Do you want to enhance the natural sweetness? Do you like a more bright or acidic flavour profile? Or are you looking for a perfectly balanced and clean cup? Let the games begin.