Tanzania RUVUMA AA

  • Muscat grape
  • Light and balanced cup
  • Long aftertaste

Lot: AA FAQ+

Variety: Bourbon, Kent, Typica

Screen size: 17/18

Altitude: around 1750 masl

Importer: 32 Cup Coffee Merchants

Rob Says: It’s 7 years ago we roasted our last Tanzania beans, so happy we have some again. The reason it took so long is not for the cup quality at origin. Tanzania can been seen as a Kenya light, but the general processing and mainly the bagging and shipping is very unprofessional and very often we see a lot of great beans loose all its flavours in this last step before the boat leaves the country.

This AA FAQ+, being a blend of coffees from smallholder farmers, is a commercial lot that’s very nice for espresso, but also enjoyable for those who like smooth African filter coffees.