Ethiopia Jimma MAHAMED ABA NURA Natural

  • Pot pourri of fruity flavors
  • Sweet cup with creamy mouthfeel
  • Chocolate aftertaste

Region: Agaro Jimma

Farm size: 18 hectares

Altitude: around 2050 masl

Processing: Natural

Grading: Grade 3

Average drying time: 15-22 days (depending on the moisture content and weather conditions)

Exporter: Addis Exporter

Importer: Sucafina Specialty

Rob Says: Last March, just before the Covid-19 pandemic broke loose in Europe and Africa, we travelled to Ethiopia to buy coffee. A full report on our website/blog.

Cupping dozens of great coffees on various tables of course, with this one, set on the table by Mike Mamo, owner of Addis Exporter, being our favourite in the Natural section. Thanks to Sucafina we were able to have it shipped safely and hopefully in the feeder of our coffee roaster by the beginning of July (2020). Expect a fruity and spectacular coffee suitable for both filter and espresso brewing – preferably without milk (or sugar – duuuh).