Peru Cajamarca HUABAL

  • Fruity flavors with apple, caramel and cola
  • Touch of dark chocolate
  • Smooth mouthfeel

Variety: Bourbon, Caturra, Typica

Altitude: 1700 to 1900 masl

Processing: Washed

Importer: Cafe Imports

Rob Says: This is, in volume, our most important Peruvian coffee of the year. Our head roaster Jeff went to Peru to pick us some top class coffees. From dozens of great lots he picked one regional (that’s this one) and two microlots.

Producer lots are cupped and classified according to their quality. The 85–87-point coffees are placed into our regional select lots and the 87+ coffees are then further separated as producer microlots, highlighting Peru’s full potential. We are looking forward to seeing Peru become a powerhouse in coffee in the following years.



  • Pineapple
  • Good mouthfeel
  • Sweet cup with long after taste

Lot: Microlot

Region: Agua Colorado, Cajamarca

Processing: Washed

Exporter: Centrocafe

Importer: Cafe Imports

Rob Says: As in 2017 all our Peruvian coffees come from the north west of Cajamarca, which is not only where the bulk of the country’s coffees come from, but also far and away the best-cupping lots. A small group of producers there have been developing microlot-quality coffees for several years, and we are excited to offer two of them this year.


Peru Cajamarca CHIRINOS Microlot

  • Sweet brown sugar/molasses
  • Fruity cup
  • Clean after taste

Variety: Typica, Bourbon, Caturra

Altitude: around 1700 masl

Processing: Washed

Imported by: Cafe Imports

Rob Says: Last year the Chirinos was one of the most popular coffees with our dealers all over Europe. Cause we think Peru is becoming a powerhouse in Specialty Coffee the upcoming years, we decided to visit the region where it’s produced by ourself and close some better relationships with both producer and exporter.

As an origin, Peru has all the conditions necessary to produce world-class coffee: Concentrated volumes of coffee growing at and above 1700 meters; a prominence of Typica, Bourbon, and Caturra; and a movement among the producing population away from subsidence-farming and toward quality coffee production.

Kenya Kirinyaga KEGWA PB

  • Sweet and Chewy Mouthfeel
  • Floral
  • Notes of Bergamot and Blackcurrent

Variety: 99% SL28, 1% Ruiri 11

Cooperative: Ngiriambu Cooperative Society Ltd

Altitude: 1504 masl

Soil: Red Volcanic

Importers: 32 Cup Coffee Merchants

Rob Says: Very exclusive small Peaberry lot from the same farmers who delivered the Kiri. The coop is located within Njukiini locations of Gichugu Division, Kirinyaga East District on the southern slopes of Mount Kenya. “Njukiini” is synonymous with bee hives, a common thing in the area.

We are big fans of Peaberry coffees because of the better body and sweet flavors. This makes it more suitable for espresso brewing than most AB or AA coffees.


Kenya Nyeri NDUMA AB

  • Blue Berry notes
  • Very balanced and sweet cup
  • Exotic flavors

Region: Nyeri

Variety: Mix of SL 28, SL 34 and Ruiri 11

Lotnumber: 1285

Exporter: Kenyacof

Importer: 32 Cup Coffee Merchants

Rob Says: Not a lot of information on this lot. The Nduma coffee factory is located in the heart of Nyeri and produced only around 7000 kilo of Specialty coffee last crop.

Nyeri is known is one of the best coffee regions in the world. Due to the perfect climate, soil and processing techniques the quality is very high and stable over time. The reason the 2017 crop was so small was due to a lack of rain. Also for the upcoming 2018 crop we see the same problem, so quality is still there, but volumes limited, which could make it tricky for us to find enough top quality coffee from our favorite (filter) coffee country this year. Also prices will probably rise because of the high demand and low offer.