Ethiopia Limu NANO CHALLA

  • Smooth cup
  • Notes of melon and peach
  • Clean and Floral

Processing: Washed

Grading: Grade 1

Region: Gera district – Jimma

Importers: 32 Cup Coffee Merchants

Rob Says: A well known Ethiopia classic, for the very first time at Caffenation.

The Jimma region grows 40% procent of all Ethiopian coffee. For very long this part has been known for unwashed earthy fermenty coffees, but bit by bit you see changes and the whole region starts to become an equal partner for the legendary Sidamo and Yirgacheffe coffee regions.

This Nano Challa grade 1 washed coffee is maybe the best example to show how this region, also known for Duromina, Biftu Gudina and Yukro, is on the right track, with, besides great cup quality, also good farmer prices, transparant communication and respect for the region’s beautiful nature.



Ethiopia Guji SASABA Natural

  • All sweet and clean cup
  • A little leathery and funky undertone
  • Stone fruit and berry

Region: Sidamo Guji

Variety: Mixed heirloom

Altitude: 1800-1900 masl

Processed: Natural/Dry Processed

Importer: Trabocca

Rob Says: Every year we are on the look out for a couple of great Natural, also called Dry Processed coffees.

After tasting some fantastic fatty and funky Central American naturals we decided to pick an Ethiopian natural that’s a bit cleaner and less ‘animal/barn yard’. This coffee resembles more like the pulped natural lots we bought from the nearby located Suke Quto farm.

The Sasaba is a returning classic at Caffenation, in either washed or natural version….


Ethiopia Yirgacheffe REKO Grade 1

  • Honey sweetness & orange notes
  • Buttery mouthfeel
  • Very clean and elegant coffee

Variety: Mixed Heirloom, Kurume

Location: Kochere, Yirgacheffe

Soil: Fertile, red brown, loamy soil

Shade trees: Acacia, Lucinicia, Cordial Africana, Sespana

Importer: Trabocca

Rob Says: Back in stock again this year and it feels like it is getting better all the time.

This washed grade 1 coffee from our favourite Yirgacheffe region Kochere is a crowd pleasure. On the cupping table it gets high scores for sure, but once brewed in the cup, as espresso or filter coffee, something magical happens. Reko makes happy faces and the fan base is growing year after year.

The founder of the the washing station, Masreshu Sima, considers it his personal challenge to grow and produce the best possible Yirgacheffe coffee, and named his project Reko, which means challenge in the local Afaan Oromo language. We want to thank him big time for all the hard work and craftsmanship and hope many years may follow….


Ethiopia Limu GERA FARM

  • Lemongrass & Orange
  • Tea like flavors
  • Herbal touch

Altitude: 1900 to 2100 masl

Process: Washed

Grading: Grade 1

Varieties: Mixed Heirloom

Importers: Trabocca


Rob Says: Ethiopia is our all time favorite coffee country. Within Ethiopia we have several regions we source from. Yirgacheffe is mostly pick number one and Sidamo pick number two. And when one of these have a disappointing crop we tend to look what the Limu region has to offer. 2017 was strangely enough a year we didn’t buy a single lot from the Limu area. So very happy we have one back on the shelves at Caffenation now. Expect a funky combination of tea and herbal mixed with fruity and vanilla flavors. Very special indeed.

Ethiopia Sidamo GORA KONE

  • Very sweet
  • Blueberry
  • Lime

Region: Sidamo

Altitude: between 1900 and 2050 masl

Shade Trees: Wanza and Acacia

Processing: Washed

Selection: Grade 1

Importers: Trabocca

Rob Says: New Ethiopian season starts with a “BANG”. Last year we had to wait till the end of June, now we are feasting already in May. And not by accident it’s from the same region within Sidamo as last years première. The Gora Kone washing station is situated in the Arsi region, next to the Nensebo river and the village of Werka.

Here the washed coffee is dried for 10 to 12 days on drying beds on steep hill sides that are exposed to great amounts of wind.