Guatemala Huehuetenango RED DE MUJERES

  • Very syropy/sweet cup.
  • Strawberry & Raspberry flavors
  • Velvety soft


Variety: Pache, Bourbon, Caturra, Typica

Processed: Washed Organic (with ‘tree ripening’)

Certification: Organic and Fairtrade

Altitude: 1600-1850

Importer: Falcon Coffees


Rob Says: The Red de Mujeres, or ‘network of women’, is a large group of female coffee producers covering five different areas of Huehuetenango. The group is made up of 830 women, but this particular lot comes from the San Antonio Huista area and is the product of 50 producers.

Most special, besides the rare Pache variety of the beans, is the processing: The beans have been kept extra long on the trees, to give it extra sweetness and a ‘dry-processing’ kind of flavor. First time ever we buy a coffee processed this way.



Guatemala Antigua FINCA MEDINA

  • Medium Body
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Pleasant nutty flavors

Region: Antigua

Variety: Bourbon, Caturra

Growing Conditions: Shaded with roughly 322 high canopy shade trees per acre

Harvest Period: January – April

Exporter: Third Wave Coffee Source


Rob Says: Together with Huehuetenango this is our favourite coffee growing area in Guatemala. This Medina estate is a perfect example of stable and consistent growing, harvesting and processing practices. The hard beans from the high altitude farms keeps the coffee clean over a very long period. We mostly like these type of Guatemalan beans for our espresso blends, although this Medina lot is clean enough for great filter brewing as well.


note: this coffee will probably land by the month of July and is foreseen to support our Summer LGB master blend.

Guatemala Huehuetenango LA BOMBA

  • Well Balanced cup with great Mouthfeel
  • Medium acidity
  • Some Floral notes and a light touch of Almond


The La Bomba quality is a selection of exceptional coffees from the Huehuetenango region. Our trader’s exporting partner in Guatemala, Luxcafe, does the selection at their quality lab at the central mill in Huehuetenango. All the coffees their quality team tastes, are grouped into different categories: The Huehuetenango Reserve SHB, or La Bomba are small lots with a distinctive flavour profile, different from the typical Huehuetenango profile. Typically harvested in April – at the end of the season – from high altitude villages in the Huehuetenango department. Areas include La Libertad, San Pedro Necta, La Democracia, Unión Cantinil and Todos Santos Cuchumatán, with altitudes ranging from 1600 tot 2000 meters above sea level. In these colder conditions with less direct sunlight, the cherries mature more slowly. This slow maturation allows for a development of complex acids and rich sugars in the cherries. Thanks to this, the La Bomba lot has a complex profile with floral notes and a layered sweetness.

We bought 3500 kilo’s of this lot; mainly for the espresso blends we have, but also as a single origin filter or espresso you’ll see Guatemala is delivering again!

Guatemala El Progreso Finca LA ESMERALDA

Medium body

Great mouthfeel

Notes of Berries and Chocolate

Finca La Esmeralda is located in the Sierra Minas region of San Agustín Acasaguastlán, in the El Progreso department of Guatemala.

The finca’s coffee story started in 1962, when Romelio Ramirez Cruz bought finca Los Balsamos, as the lands were called then. Management of the farm was passed on to the second generation of the farm, and Los Balsamos was divided in three. One of these three estates came to be Finca La Esmeralda. The estate, located at a height of 1450 masl, is planted with Bourbon, Caturra and Catuai trees over an area of 56 hectares.

This is the first time we offer coffees from the El Progreso. It is not so well known as Antigua or Huehuetenango, but with this nice coffee and also this years Cup Of Excellence winner Hacienda Kalibus la Sierra, this Guatemala region looks like very upcoming.

Guatemala Quetzaltenango Finca La Florencio

• Very light

• Bright cup

• Citrus Aroma’s

• Nougat

This is a very refined and light cup for being a Guatemalan one.

At an altitude of 1600m, the Bourbon, Caturra and Catuai trees produce high density beans, naturally high in sugars and acidity thanks to the slow maturation process.

Finca San Florencio is located in the Quetzaltenango department, south of the better known Huehuetenango coffee region.
The estate has been in the current owner’s family since 1950, when Mr. Egidio Herrera acquired it.
Olga Herrera is aware of the socio-ecological role of Finca San Florencio. She puts great focus on conservation of fauna and flora on and around the farm; part of San Florencio’s land is a natural forest reserve. The finca also offers job opportunities for the people of Las Barrancas village. Next to that, she offers part of the land so they can grow their own crops and make a living.