Honduras Copan YOLANDA URREA ARITA Natural

  • Plum and blue berry notes
  • Velvety body
  • Sweet cup

Farm: El Triunfo

Location: Pacayas area of Corquin, Copan

Processing: Natural

Altitude: 1200 masl

Variety: Catuai Rojo, Ihcafe 90

Importers: Falcon Coffees

Rob Says: Every year we become more enthusiastic about natural processed ‘Centrals’. This year Honduras and Guatemala seems to have our preference.

Yolanda manages her farm with the help of her husband and her three sons who are all studying agronomy. The farm is pure red catuai, which Yolanda prefers for it’s great production and good cup quality. The farm is only small, at two hectares, and most of that is native forest and shade trees, since Yolanda believes that the key to the quality of her coffee is in the synergy of coffee with the rest of the environment.

We thank once again these farmers for the great precision and hard labour they deliver.




  • Berries and Cherries
  • Buttery body
  • Smooth and Sweet cup


Location: Las Cascada, Gualme Corquin Copan

Farm Size: 7ha

Altitude: 1450 masl

Variety: Caturra

Processed: Washed

Importers: Falcon Coffees

Rob Says: After a disappointing 2017 crop we have Honduras back on the map.

We cupped many coffee from this country to finally find this one with the highest cupping score.


Honduras Finca ORELLANA Natural

  • Rich Body
  • Unbelievable Sweet and Fruity
  • Funky Natural/Sweaty undertone

A while ago on the cupping table we found a true jewel and it was a natural processed coffee; a practice that’s gaining more and more interest in the Specialty Coffee world.

And where the Ethiopian naturals were the ones everyone was looking for, we notice the Central American farmers and washing stations are getting better and better at it every year. As does Bryan Orellana in Honduras.

Finca Orellana consists of about twenty hectares of Bourbon, Pacamara and Catuai varietals. Every single coffee tree was situated so it would receive just the right amount of shade provided by the towering trees above it. The soil had been analyzed and naturally fertilized so it contained just the right nutrients and minerals for coffee growing.

Bryan Orellana’s methods are exceedingly rare in Honduras. His closest neighbors farm is covered only with coffee trees and none of the techniques Bryan is working with are used there.

Since we believe this is a truly unique coffee we bought the full lot, so we can offer it as an exclusive coffee for Europe.

Honduras Copan Finca SAN RAFAEL Yellow Catuai

– Lemon

– Orange notes

– Hazelnuts

– Milk chocolate tones

Location: Los Limos, Corquin, Copan

Estate:  Finca San Rafael

Producer: Norma Iris Fiallos

Soil type: Clay

Average Temperature:  18 o C

Size of the coffee plantation:  5.5 Hectares

Varietal:   Yellow Catuai

Average Altitude:  1300 masl

Process: Washed

Micro Lot Size: 22 bags (all for Caffenation)


After retirement, Norma Iris Fiallos dedicated her life to producing great coffee. She became interested in the harvesting and processing coffee, and gradually improved the quality over a number of years, with the help of training from Aruco, gradually improving her picking and processing and investing in equipment and farm infrastructure. Recently she has turned her attention to producing high quality microlots, recording data from the fermentation and drying phases, and the results in the cup have been phenomenal.