• Red apple, cookie dough and cinnamon notes
  • Medium body
  • Very fruity and sweet

Variety: SL 28 & 34

Soil: Volcanic soil

Process: Washed

Importer: 32 cup Coffee Merchants

Rob Says: New coffee name on the horizon. We heard of the Kiri and we know the Kirinyaga region, but this New Kirimi has nothing to do with it. What we do know is that we bought this small AB lot, out of the Nyeri region, directly from Specialty Coffee exporters Kenyacof in Nairobi. Every year I go visit Charles and his team and taste around 300 coffees, out of which I select 10 lots. Then we have them vac packed and shipped carefully; this way we have guaranteed first class Kenyan coffee for the next 10 to 12 months….

Kenya Kirinyaga KIRI PB

  • Very ‘explosive’ cup (full of flavors)
  • Nice sweet & sour balance
  • Notes of pine and green herbs
  • Very long aftertaste

Region: Kirinyaga East District, south of Mount Kenya

Variety: SL 28, SL34 and a bit of Ruiri 11

Owner: Kabare Farmers Cooperative Society

Screening: Peaberry

Importer: 32 Cup Coffee Merchants


Rob Says: We are big fans of Kenyan peaberry coffees. This screening gives mostly a lower acidity and a bit more sweetness and the beans stays fresh over a longer period. From all picked cherries the peaberries are smaller in volume than the AB and AA’s. The very low total yield of the 2016/17 crop made most of peaberries lots very small and therefor very often not sold separately. The Kiri PB we sell is actually a mix of 2 small lots we bought at auction last March.

note: this coffee will probably touch our coffee roaster by mid June 2017


  • Very well balanced
  • Garden spices and pepper
  • Creamy mouthfeel

Region: Kapsokwony town, Bungoma County, Mount Elgon

Variety: SL

Altitude: Various heights, up to 1950 masl

Screening: AA+

Exporter: Kenyacof

Importer: 32 Cup Coffee Merchants


Rob Says: This coffee became world famous after coffee guru Tim Wendelboe bought it for several years. The location is far away from the well known coffee fields around Mount Kenya and is location nearby the Uganda border. The climate and soil is this North-Western part of Kenya is totally different and that’s also how this coffee tastes. The lower acidity and spices will probably work very well for espresso brewing.


note: this coffee will probably come and go during the rest of 2017, starting the beginning of June.

Kenya Muranga WEITHAGA AA

  • Nice mouthfeel
  • Acidity of grapefruit
  • Notes of marzipan and blackberry

Farm: Various small holders

Variety: SL 28, SL34, Batian & Ruiri 11

Processing: Fully washed, dried on raised beds

Altitude: Between 1600 & 1800 masl

Importer: 32 Cup Coffee Merchants

Rob Says: In the Muranga region they were lacking rain during the blossoming season last year. Stations like Kiriaini had very disapointing crop, but around the Weithaga Coffee Factory, in the middle of Muranga, they were blessed with a bit more rainfall. This coffee is a second in a row of 10 Kenya lots we bought at origin during our visit in March 2017, when the Weithaga had the highest score of all cupped coffees.

note: we will probably start roasting this coffee by the beginning of Summer.

Kenya Kirinyaga KII AA

  • Nice mouthfeel
  • Subtle Citrus and Stone Fruit notes
  • Clean cup
  • Variety: SL28 & 34
  • Crop: 2016/2017
  • Soil: Red Volcanic
  • Cooperative: Rungeto Farmers Cooperative Society
  • Importer: 32 Cup Coffee Merchants

Rob Says: This Kenyan coffee is an all time classic. We buy the Kii for the 3rd of 4th time already, but only a small lot! Kenyan coffees are very popular for filter coffee world wide and because a lot of roasters want a ‘well known’ name we see the classic names go up in price, even when the cupping scores are not at level. So probably less known Kenyan coffees this year for Caffenation, cause cup quality comes first for us.