• Sweet coffee with creamy mouthfeel
  • Notes of selery, cucumber and hibiscus tea
  • Tropical nuts flavors like macadamia and coconut

Region: Kapsokwony town, Bungoma County, Mount Elgon

Variety: SL

Crop: 2019

Altitude: Various heights, up to 1950 masl

Screening: AB

Importer: 32 Cup Coffee Merchants


Rob Says: In 2017 we purchased a big AA lot that was one of the most popular coffees for us that year. The 720 kg lot we bought this year is an AB screening.

This coffee became world famous after coffee guru Tim Wendelboe bought it for several years. The location is far away from the well known coffee fields around Mount Kenya and is location nearby the Uganda border. The climate and soil is this North-Western part of Kenya is totally different and that’s also how this coffee tastes.



Kenya Muranga WEITHAGA PB

  • Smooth cup with medium acidity
  • Notes of biscuit, caramel and garden spices
  • Cools down perfectly (think cold brew!)

Farm: Various small holders

Variety: SL, Batian and Ruiri 11

Screen size: Peaberry

Processing: Fully washed, dried on raised beds

Altitude: Between 1600 & 1800 masl

Importer: 32 Cup Coffee Merchants

Rob Says: A yearly classic at Caffenation, this Weithaga, and voted filter of the year in 2017.

This time we bought a Peaberry selection. We like PB’s a lot for it’s explosive fruity flavors and bigger body. It also tends to stay fresher over a longer period. Peaberry’s in Kenya are only 10% of the total crop. At Caffenation around 40% of the total Kenyan coffee production is Peaberry!

90+ Series: Kenya Nyeri GIATHUGU AA

For our 90+ Series we are on the lookout for exceptional beans, scoring 90 points or more in our cupping rating. In our philosophy is great coffee by nature fruity, floral, juicy, and has a super clean and long aftertaste.

Tasting notes: Berry flavors, notes of almond and brown sugar, very bright and clean

Cooperative: Rugi Farmers Cooperative Society

Location: Mukurweini District

Altitude: Approx. 1,600 meters above sea level

Importer: 32 Cup Coffee Merchants

Rob Says: This lot was bought in auction (by Kenyacof) on January 31st 2018 and fetched the highest price Giathugu got all season.

Rugi FCS their goal is to increase coffee production quality through consistent farmer training. Thanks to the financing the cooperative receives, farmers are given monetary assistance for school as well.

All coffee cherries are hand picked and delivered to the mill the same day, where they undergo meticulous sorting, guided by the ‘Cherry Clerk’.

Kenya Muranga MIRICHU PB

  • Fruity sensation
  • Chocolate
  • Nice body

Screen size: PB or Peaberry

Variety: SL 28 and 34 and some Ruiru 11

Processing: Washed

Exporter: Kenyacof

Importer: 32 Cup Coffee Merchants

Rob Says: This is a coffee we bought at the Nairobi Coffee Exchange. Last year at February 20 we bought 491 kilo’s of the Mirichu PB. It was the only Mirichu Peaberry lot of the year.

Every year we tend to buy a mixture of AA, AB and PB lots. Mainly the last screen size is the hardest to buy, surely when the crop is a bit lower and most of the Peaberry lots to small to reach the auction.

We like these PB’s a lot for its ‘explosive’ taste and bigger body. Also they have the reputation of conserving better than the AB or AA beans.

In Rwanda it happens that the -14 screen sizes are catalogued as PB although it’s strictly seen just ‘small beans’. In this Mirichu PB you find peaberry beans in all sizes….


  • Floral and Fruity
  • Whiskey sour notes
  • Green banana and stone fruit

Producer: Gikanda Cooperative Fair Trade Cooperative

Altitude: around 1650 MASL

Variety: Heirloom Bourbon

Process: Washed

Importer: 32 Cup Coffee Merchants

Rob Says: Thanks to our cooperation with Kenyacof – locally – and 32 Cup – at home – , the Kangocho was the first of a long list of great Kenya’s we imported this way. In 2016 we bought 2 PB lots of which one finished 2nd in the Top 5 of the year list for best Caffenation Filter Coffees.

Now the Kangocho is back and very very promising. This is fruity dynamite in a cup ladies and gentlemen.