Mexico Veracruz Kassandra Pacamara

Mexico Veracruz Kassandra Pacamara

• Super Bright!

• Complex

• Mirabelle, white grape, tomato

• Purple Basil

Are you ready for the brightest coffee of the year?

This Mexican coffee is something special and from a region we never had any coffee from; Veracruz near Totutla and Huatusco, 200 kilometer East of Mexico city.

The total farm size of Finca Kassandra is 600 hectares. 320 of those hectares are used for coffee production, and only about 8% is currently dedicated to Pacamara. This is an incredible Pacamara. In fact, it is without a doubt one the best single variety Pacamaras we have seen in years. The processing was done to perfection, and the distinct flavors of this cup left us anxious for next year’s crop!

This farm was established by the Rivas family in 1996. They are well known for their Macadamian nuts as well as their award winning coffee.

Mexico Finca La Lagunilla

Mexico Finca La Lagunilla Typica

This weeks coffee is from a famous farm from the Zapoteca Community and is situated in the pine and oak forested area of the Juarez Mountain Range, in the South of Mexico, not far away from Tuxtepec.

La Lagunilla is an organization of growers from Ixhuatlan. In 2003 when coffee prices reached an all time low many people abandoned the land in search of something more sustainable.

The remaining 85 people founded the La Lagunilla community. The farmers here are very proud of their 3rd place Cup of Excellence win in 2012 and are so pleased to see how their many years of work has been reflected in this winning lot.

The coffee is picked at 1480 masl and from the Typica family/variety.

We taste chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon spice, florals and a sweet after taste.

Mexico Finca Corral de Pidra


Agustin Moreno Salgado, Finca Corral de Pidra.

Roast 14/11

1) Cup Of Excellence is an organisation who’s on the research of the ‘perfect’ bean and auctions every year the best lots in 11 different country’s. This movement is very important to stimulate coffee farmers and cooperatives to improve their coffee and via this program raise the price to a more-than-fair level. For Mexico it was the first year they entered the competition and we scored a part of lot #5.

2) The farmer Agustin lives in Veracruz and began cultivating coffee 20 years ago. They renovated almost all the coffee plantation and began planting in grafted coffee that are more resistant to nematodes, 6 years ago.

3) We haven’t been happy with the offer of Mexican beans in the past. Mostly to the specific climat (Mexican is most Northern of all American coffee producing country’s) the average bean has a very flat and boring taste.

4) But not this one; here we a Panamesque full flavored cup with some florals, hints of stone fruit and an elegant chocolate touch. Enjoy!