Rwanda Nyamagabe GITEGA PB

  • remarkable fruity and sweet
  • strawberry
  • nice body and mouthfeel

ROB SAYS: This is our first Peaberry Rwandan coffee ever! The trader asked that these beans be kept aside in the milling process and a lot be created out of just PB beans (and very small regular ones). We think this has rendered a great result. This PB Gitega lot was the fruitiest Rwanda coffee we cupped in years!

Variety: Bourbon

Processing: Fully Washed

Screen size: Peaberry

Region: Nyamagabe

Depulper: Penagos 1500

Drying: On African drying beds for up to 15 days

Trader: Nordic Approach

Bernard Uwitije is the owner of Gitega washing station, he comes from the district of Nyamagabe that the washing station is located in. Bernard had previously been trading non-washed, ordinary coffee in the local market until 2015. He saw the potential for processing coffee to a fully washed state and of the local area’s ability to produce great cherry.

He built the Gitega mill last year and invested carefully in great infrastructure to produce fantastic coffees.



Rwanda Huye BUREMERA

  • Red Fruits
  • Creamy
  • Perfect Sweet & Sour balance

Buremera central washing station is managed by Coffee Business Center in Kigali. C.B.C. is a Rwandese coffee exporting company with warehousing facilities and a dry mill. They own 8 washing stations in all four provinces of Rwanda. They recently also started a roasting company to supply coffee from their washing stations to the domestic market.

In the high season, CBC employs around 800 pickers in the warehouse, and that is only for a small dry mill. One picker, a women in the large majority of cases, processes one bag a day. Experienced pickers, who’ve worked at the mill for a couple of years in a row, can clean up to two bags. These experienced pickers receive the task of cleaning the specialty grade microlot coffees to make sure there’s no defects to be found in the final lot.

This Rwanda lot is typical Mr LGB stuff. It’s easy to roast, it’s clean, sweet and has just enough acidity to pair with milk. Of course a coffee like this works very well for all types of Slow Coffee Brewing as well.

The variety is Bourbon and the coffee is picked around 1900 masl.

Rwanda Gakenke MUYONGWE (2016 lot)

  • Medium rounded body
  • A touch of lime
  • Elements of tea

Muyongwe washing station is located in the Gakenke District of the Northern province in Rwanda. It was built in 2006 as part of the Tuzamure Kawa cooperative system. Ever since then, the washing station has been making a name for itself in Rwandese specialty coffee. In 2007 its coffee ended up on the first place in the Rwandese Gold Cup auction, a year later it ranked fifth in the Cup of Excellence competition. Other Cup of Excellence appearances were in 2010 at place fifteen, in 2013 it moved up to place seven and in 2014 it even managed to obtain a second place as a presidential coffee with a score of 90.69!

2 years ago we bought the same lot and that was a big crowd pleaser. More and more Rwanda is taking a front line seat at the Specialty Scene. For us it is, as for Burundi, the perfect winter offer for both filter or espresso roasts.

The variety is a typical (sweet) bourbon. And the soil around in this Gakenke region is Silt/clay/sandy – pH 4.7

Rwanda Gisenyi Coopac

• Floral

• Apple acidity

• Complex

• Caramel and Melon notes

In the area nearby Lake Kivu we already bought a lot of knock out coffee’s. This one, traded by Cafe Imports, is less savory than the Vunga and Karambi, we did earlier in the season. Nice for a change, and once again a proof that well grown and processed African washed coffee’s are the best of the class.

COOPAC is a fair trade certified cooperative located near Lake Kivu on the steep slopes of volcanic mountains. COOPAC began with 110 farmers in April 2001, and currently has 8,000 members contributing coffee from Ack, Ubuzima, Tuzamurane, Kopabm, Abakundakurima and Abanyamurava. With over 50 washing stations along the northern landscape of Lake Kivu, COOPAC exports 150 containers of Fair Trade certified coffee annually.

The variety is a mix of Bourbon and (the less known) Mayaguez.

Rwanda Nyabihu Vunga

• A very juicy coffee

• Light lemon and Orange peel notes

• Apricot Jam

• Small green Grapes

Vunga cooperative is a washing station (coffee mill) in Jomba, Nyabihu, Western Rwanda and named after the nearby village. The Vunga station is at 1463 meters, with coffee coming from the surrounding hills ranging from 1700 to 2100 meters. The area borders the Virunga national forest, which has a healthy mountain gorilla population, and is just a couple hours from the borders of Uganda and DRC (Congo).

This area features rugged terrain with steep hills and deep misty valleys, which provide a natural water resource.

This cup is exceptionally juicy and showed at the first cupping more potential for filter roast then espresso, although it is clean and balanced enough to go both ways. It’s up to the roasters to roast it towards the Barista’s demand.