Costa Rica West Valley FINCA ANGELINA Villa Sarchi

  • Bright and fruity cup
  • Notes of passion fruit and cherry
  • Orange zest and vanilla notes

Processing: Fully Washed and sun dried

Variety: Villa Sarchi

Producer: Aguilara family

Importers: Cafe Imports


Rob Says: This microlot is produced by the all famous Aguilera family in Costa Rica. The Aguileras are a total of 12 brothers and sisters, all of whom are involved in coffee from the time of their parents. The brothers work the mill and farms themselves with basically no hired labor other than pickers during the harvest. With the help of the third generation, they work the mill, work the drying patios, prune the coffee fields, fertilize, etc, year-round. The Aguilera Bros understand quality at the farm level and mill level and this is why we are excited about working with them.

El Salvador Chalatenango FINCA EL CEDRO

  • Low acidity
  • Chocolate notes
  • Smooth cup

Region: Izotal, San Fernando, Chalatenango

Height: 1245 masl

Variety: Pacamara

Importer: Cafe Imports Europe


Rob Says: a word on the variety here. Pacamara is a marriage of the Pacas and the Maragogype. The Pacas is a bourbon variety type and a relatively big bean with sweet flavors. The Maragogype on the other side is a very big bean, derived from the Typica, and mainly velvety soft and very low in acidity.

So all together not a lot of acidity or brightness. But no problem; we bought this one for the smooth side of it and this typical chocolate touch. This is a very small lot from producer Angelino Landaverde, who owns a 4-hectare farm that’s planted with about 3,000 trees per manzana with primarily three different varieties: Geisha, Pacamara, and Pacas.

Ethiopia Sidamo GUJI

  • Notes of Caramel & Prunes
  • Chocolate touch
  • Sweet & Creamy

Region: Guji, Oromia region (in Sidamo)

Soil: Volcanic

Quality: Grade 1

Importer: 32 Cup Coffee Merchants

Rob Says: In the past we saw Guji as a Sidamo coffee, but more and more people see it as a region on its own.

When cupping this coffee at origin it brought me right back to 2014 when the Guji was our number 1 espresso and number 2 filter coffee of the year.

This coffee is less refined as the Chelelectu or Suke Quto, but very creamy and powerful. Probably more suitable for espresso, but surely recommended for filter brewing as well.

We bought a shit load of this Guji, so you will surely see it popping up as a single origin coffee now and then, or mixed with other washed coffees in our all famous Mister LGB espresso blend.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe KOCHERE Natural

  • Very fruity cup (with a wild touch)
  • Notes of lavendel and other florals
  • Nice touch of acidity

Varietal: Various heirloom varietals

Processing: Natural processed

Altitude: The plantation is situated around 2000 MASL

Importer: 32 Cup Coffee Merchants

Rob Says: Kochere is southwest of the town of Yirga Cheffe and near a little village of Ch’elelek’tu in the Gedeo zone. While a “classic” Yirga coffee, all of the sub regions tend to have different flavour profiles. Adado – stone fruit, Konga – citrus and stone fruit, and for Kochere, it is a strong fruit tea that comes along with the citrus and stone fruit. When this is combined with processing as a natural, you may expect a very spectacular cup, with a surprising acidity; very rare for a natural!

One of the great things about Ethiopian coffees is the complete mix of varietals. It is estimated that somewhere between six thousand and ten thousand varietals exist naturally in these highlands, the origin of coffee.

note: this coffee is forseen for 2nd or 3rd week of August.

Kenya Nyeri NDIMA-INI PB

  • Packed with pulpy citrus
  • Tropical notes
  • Clean/transparant/spectacular

Screening: Peaberry 15 Screen

Variety: SL 28 & SL 34

Region: Nyeri district, Mathira division

Exporter : Kenyacof

Rob Says: The varietals are both SL-28 and SL-34, originally hybrids produced by Scot Labs traced back to French Mission Bourbon, and known for producing an extremely complex cup.

This coffee was purchased through the Kenya auction system, so we made a offer and had the risk of losing it, but finally we made a very good deal and bought the full lot. This coffee is a Caffenation exclusive one.


Planning: this coffee should land around the first week of August 2017, and available from half August on….